Ink Tank vs Ink Cartridge: Which is Better?

Chances are you’ve probably heard the terms “ink tank” and “ink cartridge” in regards to printers. You may have assumed they were different names for the same thing, but did you know they actually pretty different from each other?

What are the features of an ink tank?

Ink tanks have no inbuilt print head. These varieties utilise individual colour tanks, plus a black ink tank. The ink within these tanks can be topped up as needed from an ink bottle, and is supplied directly to the printer via an integrated ink system. Printers with ink tanks tend to be referred to as ‘continuous ink tank printers’.

What are the features of an ink cartridge?

Ink cartridges are ink containers with an inbuilt print head. These cartridges are small boxes of liquid ink, that are created separate to the machine itself, but placed within the printer for printing. Some printers require a single cartridge with black, magenta, yellow, and cyan ink, while others need separate cartridges. Once a cartridge runs out of ink, it can either be replaced or refilled.

Some examples of printers that use ink tanks are as follows:
Examples of ink tank printers
Epson 6270 Click to view Photos

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