Laptop vs Notebook: What is the Difference?

1. Laptop :
The laptop is a modern computer and an alternative to the desktop computer. Laptops are mobile and have the identical power as desktop and can be used portabally. Generally Laptops weigh between 1.5 and 2 k.g, and display sizes and thickness vary depending on their models, Though they are powerful and Flexibility and portability than desktops, Unlike notebooks, laptops have DVD-drive and other peripheral port options.

2.Notebook :
Notebook computers are modern computers that have a notebook size so that they can be carried easily. Notebook computers typically have fewer hardware functionalities than laptop. Notebook computers can’t be used as an alternative to a desktop computer. Usally , Notebook use (solid-state drives) for storage. This makes less bulky but also means they generally have less storage capacity.Notebook computer processing power is lower than laptops and there is no option available for DVD-drives and port peripherals.

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